Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fish Tacos

You Need:
Tilapia (buy it in a bag from costco you won't regret it)
Tortillas (please buy the precooked ones cause anything else is just sick.) 
Salsa (whatever tickles your fancy be it mango, jacks, rojo, pace, whatevs)
Cheese if you like
Minute Rice
Canola oil
Lemon Pepper
Johnny Seasoning 
Garlic Salt

OOOOK.  First your tilapia needs to be entirely thawed before you cook it on 400 for 35 minutes. When its thawed throw it in a dish of any sort to cook it in (I like to layer aluminum foil in my dish makes clean-up easier) spray that foil with canola spray coat it nicely.  Next lay your fishy in there and lightly baste it with canola oil or olive oil.  Then season it with lemon pepper and johnny's. Cover the fish with foil and cook it. NEXT while your fish is sizzlin throw on your rice.  In a sauce pan throw in some canola oil...like 1-2 Tbsp and saute your rice until its a nice light brown color. If you did like a cup of rice then its a cup of water you add two cups of rice two cups of water and so on. Add garlic salt to your rice so it has some falvor and after its boiled for a sec let it simmer covered. Now just prepare all your stuff for tacos like the tortilla, salsa, cheese, lettuce...whatever  you wanted to throw in. 

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