Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Greek Pizza's Mini Style

You Need:
Pitas ( I buy mine at costco wheat)
Fetta Cheese or if you don't like to be wild just do Motzerella
Minced Garlic (you can also buy this at costco to last you a lifetime.)
Pesto Sauce if you want that instead of garlic.
pre-cooked frozen chicken if you want

Get a cookie sheet out and layer it in aluminum foil.  Lay your pitas on there and if you are doing garlic BE CAREFUL (if you are doing fresh garlic then you need to dust your pita with a little bit of canola oil or olive oil whatever so it doesn't dry out) if you are using pesto pesto up your pita. Next add your choice of cheese. Next slice up your tomatoes and lay those on top of the cheese.  Add your chicken pieces if you want some extra protein in there. Now throw that in your oven on broil. Watch it and take it out when you feel it is done. Sooooo delicious. 

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