Monday, March 7, 2011

Rump Roast and Potatoes

This is a crock pot meal...but NOT to be fooled its not easy. It took me a good hour to prepare it so this may be a Saturday meal for everybody.  Also...wear protective gear! Like maybe an oven mitt, I could have avoided some nasty oil burns. Ok here goes.

You Need:

Baby Red potatoes
Baby Carrots
Oil (canola if you want)
Garlic Salt
Beef Broth (1 Can)
1 packet Lipton Onion seasoning
last ingredient....diligence.

First you rub your roast :) with lots of garlic salt, salt and pepper.  Coat it nicely.  Then in a large pan into which you have been slowly heating up oil you place your roast to brown it.  Brown each side and try to get the sides not just top and bottom...I was only minorly successful at this so don't feel overwhelmed.  After you have browned your roast place it in a greased (with spray pam or something) crock pot.  While your roast has been browning multi-task by cutting up your potatoes and carrots to add to your crock pot.  Now once you have placed your roast in the crock add your potatoes and carrots and one can of beef broth.  Before I added all the stuff to the pot I did salt again the roast (spencer told me to).  Now turn this on HIGH.  While that gets started in a little skillet brown some onions to throw over the top.  Add them to the mix when they're done and let this bad boy cook for like 5 hours probably...maybe 4. Thats that! Good luck. I hope mine turns out ok.  Call me Pioneer Woman Jr. if you want here are some PICTURES!

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